StringStorm, as what he is commonly referred to by his peers, is your simple run-of-the-mill city boy. He makes songs, does voices and sound effects for a living. He's been at it since 2004 and even though he's had years of experience, he's still trying to make himself better at his craft. Personality-wise, he is a very quiet and reclusive person. But he can adjust himself well enough to be sociable if he needs to go with the flow.

Due to his deep toned voice, his natural trailer voice is often sought after by different project directors. Even after all that, he is still honing his skills to be a flexible and proficient voice actor. Because of his baritone voice and well executed performances, he has taken up roles on a plethora of film and video games, some of them even from triple A companies.

On the side, he likes to dabble on music, taking inspiration from well known symphonic metal bands. He likes rainbow colored talking ponies alongside him grimdark space marines, a bunch of RTS games, and Pizza topped with pineapple.



Unsatisfied with how popular sound booths perform in terms of noise and reverb control, I designed and built my own to fit my environment. The dead silence is nothing short of amazing.


Audio Technica has been producing pro-audio gear for more than 50 years. Its no surprise that their AT4040 delivers studio quality sound that's equal with microphones twice or thrice as expensive.


The Fethead Phantom gives my microphone the additional gain without either the mic or the interface raising the volume of their noise floor. This assures clear and virtually inaudible noise in all of my recordings.


Although affordable, The Alesis Multimix 4 does not lack in quality. This thing not only acts as my interface, but it can also perform realtime EQing if needed. This thing basically gets the job done and more.


If you want GOOD work, this is not the guy you want! But if you want GREAT work then this is the guy you're looking for! StringStorm took my mixed up thoughts and brought them to life! I will definitely hire his service again over and over since this guy is absolutely worth it!

- Zigahopes

Communication was clear and open every step of the way and the finished product was so much more than I could have hoped for. Excellent work all around. I simply can't recommend Stringstorm's work enough. Superb job. I love it.

- Too Cool for Tabletop

StringStorm did an amazing job with providing our official voiceover we use to promote our brand to thousands around the world. It was delivered in a timely manner, and not only that, but Stringstorm was willing to re-record and work with us until the voiceover was perfect!

- #StopClickbait

I found StringStorm through a very fortunate series of events and I am so glad that I did! He produced very high quality voice overs for a very reasonable price, and kept the end product on schedule and on budget. He kept every promise he made and the end result was fantastic!

- NexusCore

Stringstorm's low and growly voice was exactly what we needed to convey power in our character. Working with him was also easy and he was able to re-record lines until we were satisfied with the recording.

- Funky Panda

Stringstorm's turn around was fast, and the final product is perfect for my project. Truly great to work with a professional who understands the nuances of voice over work. Highly recommended.

- Hearthcast Podcast

I could not be happier! I'm so impressed with this seller. The price is a steal for such great quality and exceptional customer service. He read my script EXACTLY how I imagined. If you are looking for a professional movie trailer voiceover, look no further than StringStorm!

- Gliterrati

This was WAY above and beyond! StringStorm took my directions and notes, and knocked out my commission in record time, without me needing ANY revisions! Really Awesome!

- Tony T.


IMPORTANT: If you have any issues concerning any purchases made at, please don't forget to include the Transaction ID found on your PayPal receipt. You should receive these receipts on your email if the purchase was processed by PayPal. It'll be easier and quicker for me to help you out if you could provide that information! If you cannot provide these information, do not hesitate to contact me still! I'll gladly help out in any way I can!

If you are interested in commissioning, please do consult my commissions rates below!

ORIGINAL SONGS : $30 per minute
COVERS : $50 per minute
VOICE OVER : Negotiable, depending on the nature of usage and context of the script

MUSIC TURNOVER : 2 weeks ~ 1 month
(If certain circumstances hinder me from finishing a song within that timeframe, I will tell you if I need to extend)
VOICE OVER TURNOVER : 50 words = 24 hours

If you think the rates are a bit too steep for your budget, don't hesitate to send me a message anyway so that we can negotiate a price!